The building industry, in general and worldwide, is highly inefficient, and so is the majority of architectural designs. We see a panorama where, thanks to technology, ecology and economy will come together. Shortening building times, reducing waste during fabrication, using latent synergies, recycling primary materials, controlling building costs and aiming for 0-energy consumption; these goals are within our reach, if we work closely with the construction industries. 

One has to have profound knowledge of the factory’s production chain in order to design elements that can improve the technical qualities of our buildings and make their exploitation more feasible. We renounce to the infinite and senseless formal flexibility that some cherished in recent years… and that had to be built with highly artisanal means. Industrialization can generate enormous flexibility internally nevertheless, which on the long term is the more valuable of the kind.


Industrialized projects

Video of the system

Vídeo del sistema