After decades of increasing prosperity our profession is taking on a new challenges. Ecology, demography and a globalised economy, in short society, are demanding different attitudes for the future of architecture.

We have to be sincerely sustainable and efficient, because the worlds resources are scarce. We should develop new technologies, the industrialization, work on R&D, in order to improve the technical qualities of our buildings and reduce their ecological footprint.

We should work in multi-disciplinary teams, right from the beginning of each process. An intense integration of the different participants, each with their own vision and ideas, is the best way to provide coherent integral solutions. 

So whether we build theatres (with reverberation times of 1.1 seconds - Arau), whether we think about socially sustainable urban development in Ecuador (with Jo Coenen & Spora) or when make prototypes of hollow-core planks (with floor-heating included - together with Pujol, PGI & BOMA); we, the architects, should search for that splendid integration of technology, sustainability and beauty.