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The family company Amadó - Domènech Architects, consolidated its professional experience at the beginning of the 80's, in Lérida by participating in the team which won the City Centre Urban Plan Competition. The mentioned design received the Urban National Award in 1985 and was widely published in international books and magazines. The Domènech brothers come from an architectural tradition initiated by Lluís Domènech i Montaner, politician, archaeologist and one of the main protagonists of Catalan architectural Modernism.
Lluís Domènech Girbau, his great-grandson, has studied his predecessor’s work in several books and the Amadó – Domènech team took part in the restoration of the Domènech House in Canet de Mar in 1979, the Director Plan of Sant Pau’s Hospital and later, in 1985-90, in one of the most important works of Modernism, the Montaner I Simon Publishing House. The significant intervention to convert the building into the Tàpies Foundation deserved, among other distinctions, the Decada Award conferred by the jurors Robert Venturi and Denise Scott-Brown. At the beginning of the 70’s Roser Amadó ran “Nuevo Ambiente” magazine and Lluís Domènech joined “Arquitectura bis” editorial team. At a later stage Lluís Domènech was appointed Picasso’s Year commissioner in Barcelona (1981-1982) and, he was entrust in consequence, the Museums Plan for Barcelona City Council, approved in 1985.

With this background, the Amadó – Domènech company received several orders: Picasso Street (1981), Condal House ( Construmat 1984 Award), and the won the competition for the Generalitat Sanitary Laboratories (1983). The Olympic period contributes to Amadó-Domènech curriculum with a building in the Olympic Village and the assignment of a new building for the Archive of the Crown of Aragon and the restoration of the former seat, the Virreyes Palace, which was one of the team goals in restoration field Carburos Metalicos Headquarters awarded by the Ciy Council, also belong to this period. Beside the restoration of the Ardiaca House was executed complementing the interventions in the Gothic District. As a result of the work, Gili Publishing House developed the book “Dos Patis Mediterranis”(2006)

The end of the century represents a great a change in the professional area of the company which incorporates three new partners: Sander Laudy Cornelius, Dutch architect came from TU Delft, Carles Cortadas who studied a post degree in Milan and Paris about car design and Laura Perez interior designer from the EINA School in Barcelona and informatic expert. The new study is called B01 Architects. The new professional structure has worked in depth in the housing field, both public (Building in Marina Street for the PMH) and private (Colonial, Urbis, Metrovacesa, Salas Servicios Inmobiliarios, etc.), and has been allowed with the presence of Laudy to gain access to international competitions such as Les Maximus Square in the Heerlen (Holland) or the Sro Museum (Denmark). The vocation of Roser Amadó (Master MAUS 1998 ETSAB), Sander Laudy and Ramon Domènech in the sustainability sea has reinforced the ideological and technological background. This characteristic has significantly marked tha latest works, from the ones with great territorial and technological impact (Leitat New Centre in Terrasa, inaugurated in 2010), to the ones related to urban structures (accessibility to “Casco Vello” of Vigo) or the ones which develop themselves in the environment, with the minimal intervention (Llobregat River Delta-Carrabiners Station, 2009).