Accesibility to the historical centre


Fact sheet

Site: Vigo
Client: Concello Casco Vello
Year of the project: 2008
Diference in height: 56 m
The technical proposal defined in the vertical connection between Berbés-praza do rei, which include the reorganization of the San Sebastian castle, has to be understood in the new improvements of mobility and accessibility to the historical centre of Vigo (Casco Vello). These studies are in the context of the PEPRI, a plan focused in the pacification of the streets and the promotion of the pedestrian access to the center.

This grid gives mobility and accessibility to the center triying to avoid marginality and depopulation of the Casco Vello, as well as potenciate social and economic activities.

The site of the project is placed where the difference in height is saved with less area in plan.
The first questions of the project rise after this specific characteristic.

1) Find a mechanical procedure to solve, with efficiency and security, the ascension from Berbés to castelo, with some intermediate stops in the longitudinal axis, in a way to achieve the maximum urban permeability.
2) Make the platform of castelo work as a big container of different uses.

 The difference of height (56m) and the distance, approximately 200m in plan, and its intermediate stops every 15, 20 and 25m. height, force an accurate study of the perfect mechanical resource. From our point of view, it is important to optimize the direct connection between Berbés-castelo because is in Castelo where the major activity will be.

In this way, we think that the proposal about elevators has the inconvenience in the connection between them.

Our proposal suggests a direct connection, respecting the different stops. With the new technologies and mechanical developments, this solution is possible with an inclinator elevator.
With this solution we introduce the maximum flexibility in the movements improving the mobility in this conflictive zone.

After the morphological analysis of the Casco vello, we do not recommend to add new volumes and shapes. Is because of this that the new small stations and its elements will be in printed glass (with a cloudy sky). This solution camouflages the new buildings with the surroundings. At night, they become an illuminated plafond, avoiding the marginality of the stations.
Every station represents a minimal and specific intervention in relation with the context. They will be covered, closed and with security facilities.

Berbés station (4.68 mts level)

Berbés station (4.68 mts level)


  • Berbés station (4.68 mts level)
  • Poboadores station (19.14 mts level)
  • Alfonso station (43.85 mts level)
  • Concello station (61.70 mts level)
  • Implementation plan and section
  • Technical information about the proposed 'inclined elevator'