La Ricarda Museum


Fact sheet

Site: El Prat del Llobregat (Barcelona)
Client: AENA
Year of the project: 2003
Construction: 2009
Area:4.200 m²
Interior Design Award: First prize, December 2008

The actual project is about the recovery of valuable elements that already exist in the old farm of La Ricarda, a building affected by the Barcelona’s airport extension. It consists in describing these elements in order to translate and move up them in another site before taking apart and demolishing the building. To proceed to the selection of these elements, different visits has been paid to the old farm and the historical documents that talks about its origin and use have been consulted.

In early XX century, industrial processes are introduced in some Catalan rural areas which brought about the implatation of new machinery and equipment for the agricultural production. Wineries, slaughterhouses, oil mills and flour factories are included in this group. The farm of La Ricarda is a good example of this agricultural and stocking investment. It was created by Manuel Bertrand i Salsas, a textil industrialist who also invested in the field of agriculture.
The farm of La Ricarda was an institution and a model of those days and also a constructive typology that gives an answer to a clear functional idea. The main point was to create a cow warehouse, crossed in space with another one destinated to fodder. These last ones were oriented according to the predominating winds in order to have a correct airing.
The cow warehouses were constructed under three functional criterions: (1) the separation of the ground from the natural terrain to avoid humidity, (2) the thermal isolation in the roof and (3) the total coating of the inner walls with white tile for hygienical reasons.
Like this, the warehouses should form in its plant the same of a letter E with three fodder warehouses crossed by two more destinated to cows, but one of the fodder’s could not be done because of the proximity to the approach roads.
The most relevant aspect of these warehouses is the structure which in the case of the fodder warehouses was constructed with wood truss and in the cow warehouses a complex metallically structure was used. It works like the truss designed and made by the great iron constructor from the XX century called Mr Juan Torras i Guardiola. 
Former La Ricarda farm

Former La Ricarda farm


  • Former La Ricarda farm
  • Clearly functional constructive tipology
  • Former premises for cows
  • Former premises for feed
  • Interior structure comparison
  • Ground and first floor
  • Second and roof floor
  • Serie of sections
  • Serie of elevations