• La Ricarda Museum

    The former farm structure is reused for developing a museum which is understood as a “gate” to the Delta of Llobregat Natural Park.

  • Chic&Basic Hotel, Amsterdam

    Restoration of an existing hotel enhancing its own characteristics and granting it a more contemporary and urban vision.

  • Vichy Catalán Spa&Wellness

    The project has the aim of acting progressively on the building in different stages in order to restore its initial quality.

  • Intervention in the marshes

    The ruin is converted because of the incorporation of an element strictly linked to its new function: being a lookout for birds.

  • Restoration for the Tàpies Foundation

    The effort is focused on making the contemporary nature of the project compatible with the respect for the modernist building.

  • Restoration of the Lloctinent Palace (ACA)

    The intervention tries to restore the values of this Renaissance Palace by underlining the patio function as a opened area for the city.

  • Bank branch in the Domènech House

    The relation with the modernist house is established from the respect for the architectural singularity and the global image of an strong urban presence.

  • Remodelling of the Ardiaca House

    The preservation of the identifiable fragments of the building represents the sequence of total rationalization of the internal function.