Theatre in Lloret de Mar

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Fact sheet

Site: Avda. de Tossa. Lloret de Mar. Gerona
Client: Ayuntamiento de Lloret de Mar
Year of the project: 2006
Construction: 2011
Area: 2.760 m²
Awards: First Prize Competition

By building the new local theatre of Lloret de Mar in the green Can Xardó area, unusually located in the city centre, a great synergy between culture and landscape is generated renewing the surrounding image. It is tried to introduce an abstract and pure box in the watercourse made by the land with a natural appendix working as the roots of the building. 

The arrival from the ramps to the outdoor theatre esplanade allows the penetration under the glazed cantilever and the reach of the hall of 400 people capacity. The public field integrates the vision of Can Saragossa cultural building and enjoys the sight above the landscape. In the hall the imagination world orders.
The relationship between the building and the surrounding is not the only environmental characteristic but the worry about the sustainability has lead to: the gardened roof  with native vegetation for the rehearsal halls, the use of fast-growth wood such as the bamboo for internal covering, the installation of photovoltaics with generation of renewable energy and the building of a double ventilated facade.
The program demands a great flexibility in the use of the main hall and the joint of the three conference halls, which converts the centre in a possible Convention Hall. The retractile stand in the low part allows the use of an space of 14 x 30 meters, including the scenery as a set, gala reception, dancing or performances hall where both public and artists will interact according to the contemporary theatrical rules. In this way, encouraging the diverse use of this building will assure the transformation of this Lloret part into a cultural area.
Sinergy between culture and lanscape with the consistent space renovation

Sinergy between culture and lanscape with the consistent space renovation


  • Sinergy between culture and lanscape with the consistent space renovation
  • Glazzed cantilever as the access to the theatre
  • Implementation in the valley of an abstract box
  • Exterior view from the hall
  • Detail of the double facade
  • Access ramp
  • Hall and bar
  • Auditorium hall with retractile stands and 400 people seating capacity
  • Plan of implementation of the proposal
  • Ground floor
  • Transverse section of the auditorium hall