Carburos Metálicos SA Headquarters

Administrative Buildings

Fact sheet

Site: Barcelona
Client: Carburos Metálicos SA
Year of the project: 1990
Construction: 1994
Area: 11.524 m²
Awards: PAD Award.
Década Award 2004 Finalist.
The construction of a office block for Carburos Metálicos, in the Méndez Vigo Passage- Aragón Street- Lauria Street of the Ensache, implied the complexity of a property that has two identities; the one corresponding to the streets and the one referred to the Passageway.
The project solves the question of the different adjacent levels, harmonically articulating the building volume in a display of prisms that gyrate and loose height, giving explanation to the various urban sequences in which the building participates.
In relation to these sequences the facet of the prisms sides are decided: the sides that form the façade alignment constitute a morphologic interpretation of the classical Ensache in their composition and treatment; the sides that cut the alignment have a background presence and are totally glassed surfaces.


In the glass furnishing as well as the stone lining, the façade is a “curtain-wall”, that uses the structure to hang the rock pieces, having an identical interior and allowing for the constant ventilation of the façade. 

Solution for the different heights

Solution for the different heights


  • Solution for the different heights
  • View of the proposal from the interior patio
  • Prim display turning the street
  • Classic facade to the Example
  • Access to the building from the patio
  • Plan of implementation of the proposal
  • Type plan
  • Elevations of the complex